Experts committee

QvExtra! includes a group of internationally renowned professionals, who have generously agreed to share their knowledge with producers and other partners. QvExtra! hopes to become a forum for their knowledge and ideas, as a basis for continuous improvement of the quality of extra virgin olive oil.

The Coordinator of the Council of Experts is Brígida Jiménez Herrera, Doctor of Pharmacy and director of the IFAPA centre in Cabra (province of Cordoba).

The Council of Experts is also made up other distinguished professionals from the olive oil sector, including:

  • Gabriel Beltrán – IFAPA Researcher “Centro Venta del Llano”, Mengibar, province of Jaen.
  • José María Penco – AEMO Agronomist and virgin olive oil taster.
  • Juan Ramón Izquierdo – Head of Tasting Panel of the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs.
  • Juan Salas – Chemist and former Head of the Tasting Panel of the Cordoba Agrifood Laboratory.
  • Lluis Guerrero – Food Engineer, Bachelor of Marketing and Market Research, Doctor of Psychology, Head of the IRTA Laboratory of Sensory Analysis.
  • María Gómez del Campo – Professor and Olivicultura course director at Technical University of Madrid.
  • María Angels Calvo – Bachelor of Veterinary Science, Head of Tasting Panel of virgin olive oils in Catalonia.
  • María Paz Aguilera – Doctor of Chemistry, Head of the Citoliva Tasting Panel and expert in the sensory analysis of olive oil.
  • Miguela González Velasco – Head of Oleoestepa SCA Oil laboratory and Tasting Panel.
  • Salvador Cubero – Agronomist of the Cordoba Provincial Government and Executive Secretary of AEMO.
  • Victorino Vega – Agronomist and specialist of IFAPA Córdoba.
  • Wenceslao Moreda – Chemist, olive oil specialist and researcher at the Seville “Instituto de la Grasa”.