Olive Oil with a natural bouquet of artichoke, fresh almond, chamomile flower, citrus, eucalyptus, wild flowers, blackberries, raspberries or blueberries, as well as hints of grass, fig leaves, green pepper and tomato plant, among many other subtle aromas.

This is precisely what we, at the QvExtra! International Association, want our customers to feel when they open one of our bottles – a high quality olive oil with its own distinct character.


SIQEV is an international label, founded by QvExtra!, to guarantee our customers that the oil that carries this seal is an extra virgin oil of the highest quality during the period of its “best before” date. For this reason, only Extra Virgin Olive Oils that meet all the highest quality standards are allowed to carry this seal.

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In order to provide the greater quality assurance to consumers, QvExtra! has subcontracted the sample taking and its management to a third party, SGS Company.

During the 2013/14 harvest, all the oils with the SIQEV quality seal were sampled, and the results obtained after analyzing these samples demonstrate the excellence of the AOVEs which display the SIQEV seal on their packaging.

Resultados SIQEV

To apply for the use of the SIQEV seal in the 2014/15 harvest, members should analyze their EVOOs in accredited laboratories. Current laboratories collaborating with QvExtra! to carry out analyses of samples for members are the following:

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